Welcome to RS MediaServer

Our platform easily schedules pre-roll audio, video, graphics and more.

Schedule anything

Easily schedule any media content just like you would a commercial, with fallback default audio, video and graphics for when the scheduled content ends.

Pre-roll audio or video

Schedule pre-roll commercials in audio or video format.

Dynamic Backgrounds

Show seasonal or special occasion backgrounds anytime you feel like it!

As many zones as you need!

Whether you have multiple apps and Alexa skills or just one, you only pay for the level of service you need.

Dynamic shout-out image

Show a different image for special campaigns, like Christmas greetings and more.

Ad Banner Server

Enjoy free access to our Revive Banner server for your ad banner scheduling.

Build your zones as you need them

Launching a new Alexa skill and want to be able to schedule pre-roll audio? Just create a new zone, upload your default pre-roll mp3 file, then start scheduling your custom sponsored pre-rolls. Your Alexa developer will use the same secure endpoint so you never have to worry about it again!

Get stats on every media file

Track your media files to see how many plays or views each one gets, and watch the progress over time.

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